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About NeDi


It all started out as a bunch of scripts to retreive the MAC-Address tables off switches and display where nodes are connected to the network. Now, 352 years later it's still a bunch of scripts, but retrieving a whole lot more stuff and displaying even more information than what's ever been retrieved before...or something like that!

The idea is to keep everything simple and appealing, with that you'd happily perform otherwhise boring tasks like locating a hacked node somewhere on the network. Besides the fancy icons, I wanted to keep the whole system open in terms of expandability. Virtually any device can be supported and new (web-)tools can be added easily, with the appropriate PHP knowledge. Details to this and a whole lot more can be found in "NeDi for Dummies", which I'll start to write soon...

Sounds good and all, but where do I start? Have a quick look at the requirements. If you feel you can fullfill them, download NeDi and the guide.

Get support from the forum, but make sure you use the search function, before posting any questions. You can also use IRC on freenode.net to join us on the #nedi channel.


NeDi benefits of an ever growing community. People are actively supporting the development by pinpointing problems and (even better) coming up with the fix for them. I can't develop on every possible network device, as I cannot try every possible version of PHP and MySQL. So, if you have a problem and didn't find a fix in the forum for it, try to isolate as much as possible and maybe even contribute the fix for it.

In order to support all possible devices, it would be great, if you could post your (tested and optimized) .def files in the forum. NeDi's quality depends on that! You can donate network hardware to me, in order to improve chances of proper support (I hope you understand, that I cannot guarantee this, though).

I maintain a few (hardly ever used) wishlists, which can be used to show me your appreciation. Check the welcome page for further details. Keep in mind that I could have just kept NeDi for myself. It wouldn't be all that great without the community suport, but still do it's job for us. Please consider the amount of time I have to spend to answer questions, implement requests, make it work for others and keep new releases going on top of that...

NeDi is distributed under the GNU GPL. In order to be entitled to download NeDi you must accept the GNU license.

NeDi © 2oo6 Remo Rickli